Noether is a knitted scarf in a heavier jacquard.

  • 5% cashmere, 6% alpaca, 35% fine merino, 15% viscose, 38% polyamide and 1% elastane

  • 100% made in Belgium.

  • Colours: dark teal bleu and dark green.

  • Dimensions: 220cm x 35cm.

  • Cashmere and alpaca are luxury fibers. Cashmere goats live up in the Himalayas, alpaca’s live up in the Andes. Their long, fine wool fiber keeps you warm for a long time. Viscose is derived from cellulose from beech, bamboo or eucalyptus. Viscose adds radiance and keeps the colour’s brightness for a longer time. Polyamide is used to improve the strength of the fragile fibers of merino and cashmere wool. Less wool is wasted due to fewer yarn breakage. Furthermore, the scarves will shed less and keep their beauty for longer. The elastane causes the thread to contract and produces a tangible and visible structure.

  • Hand wash or machine wash at maximum 30°C. Please use a wool detergent without fabric softener. Do not tumble dry and dry flat.

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