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winter 2018


Two series,
fifteen variations

Bernd&Hilla consists of two series: one series is made in a delicate merino jacquard, while the other series has been crafted in a richer jacquard, in a blend of merino wool and cashmere. The more refined scarves are an exquisite accessory, the heavier scarves feel as comfortable as a blanket.


Poetry in every stitch

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Hilla and Bernd Becher

Collection Bernd&Hilla

The winter collection '18 is inspired by Hilla and Bernd Becher’s photography. Central to this collection is the unexplored beauty of geometrical patterns, brick arrangements and repetitive compositions of industrial facades.


100% made
in Belgium

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Fine Merino

€99 ⎜ 100% fine merino.

Wool from Merino sheep is fine and soft and is not prickly. Merino sheep graze on rough grasslands in Australia. The wool is breathable and regulates temperatures well. Merino is a low maintenance material: the wool doesn’t require frequent washing, you can just let it air for a few hours. 






Rich Merino with Cashmere

€109 ⎜ 8% cashmere, 47% fine merino, 30% viscose and 15% polyamide.

Cashmere is a luxury fiber. Cashmere goats live up in the Himalayas. Their long, fine wool fiber keeps you warm for a long time. Viscose is derived from cellulose from beech, bamboo or eucalyptus which are fast growing trees, free from pesticides. Viscose adds radiance and keeps the colour’s brightness for a longer time. Polyamide is used to improve the strength of the fragile fibers of merino and cashmere wool. Less wool is wasted due to fewer yarn breakage. Furthermore, the scarves will shed less and keep their beauty for longer.














Poetry in every stitch.


Our knitwear’s timeless designs arise from patterns and rhythmic structures in nature and architecture, resulting in unique pieces. These limited editions are designed and crafted in Belgium to last a lifetime, characterised by offbeat colour combinations and luxurious textures.


One main collection a year

Every year there is one main collection that transforms with the season. The warm autumn/winter collection evolves into a spring series with lightweight fabrics and vivid colours.


100% made in Belgium

Wolvis was founded in 2013 by architect Griet Depoorter. All scarves are produced by a little family company in West-Flanders, near the design studio in Ghent. Passers-by and customers are welcome to visit the studio and have a look at the scarves, to touch and feel the fabrics, and to try them on or buy.


Wolvis contributes to protecting the environment

Wool is a renewable product. Wool for wolvis is sheared in Australia and the Himalayas. The Oeko-Tex certificate guarantees the absence of harmful substances in the production of the wool. Wolvis carefully monitors the market’s demand producing limited editions and holding a small stock to match. Not a single wolvis will be wasted.


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Two series, fifteen variations